GeoCoder Help

The GMI GeoCoder consists of two parts: a web service, and a user interface. The web service provides geocoding and reverse geocoding capability via a rest endpoint. The user interface allows for easy access to the web service, and provides an example if how to build the URL for the web service.

The search string can be any set of Unicode characters that makes up an address, part of an address, or a set of geographic coordinates. Allowable formats for geographic coordinates ( Latitude and Longitude) are decimal degrees (SDDD.ddddd), degrees decimal minutes ( SDDD MM.mmmm ), and degrees minutes seconds ( SDDD MM SS.sss )

For Google, the ISO 1366-1 Country Code can be specified by the format: &country=ES

In the web service, the order of the search engine is based on the wat it is entered. For example, se=MapQuest, Google will search using MapQuest first.

Search String Examples:
    5801 North Union Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO 80918
    Denver International Airport
    38.9161940,-104.7747350 or N38.9161940,W104.7747350 or 38 54.97164,-104 46.4841 or 38 54 58.2984,-104 46 29.0460